Friday, 6 June 2014



*no harm intended in writing this post. but if do offend some of you, ampun maaf dipinta.

these questions have been bugging me for the past few months;

"apply course apa??"
"nak sambung apa?? dentistry/medic/pharmacy ke??"
"nak masuk u mana?"
"minat apa??"
"pointer dapat berapa?"

there's a saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, then just shut up. well i'm keen on practicing that ,but for me it is almost impossible to do so without sounding rude or cold. honestly peeps, until this very moment don't have the answers to all of the questions above (except for the last one).  did you guys ever wonder that not all undergraduate students do have a plan for their further studies . well, unfortunately, i belong in that group. so please, if possible, give me some time to try my best to figure out my life purposes, my minat etc etc. since this is such a serious matter, a girl does need her time. just stahp asking me all those questions right now cause i don't have the freakin answers. 

i do know that most of you people do have a noble purpose when asking such questions. again,i'm sorry. i do not have the answers. but i promise you, when i get the answers, in shaa Allah, i'll let you know. your doa and prayers are highly hope for. 

till then.

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