Thursday, 5 June 2014

Masterchef Chenor: Meet the judge

hello readers!

this fella is named irfan, many of you clearly acknowledge he is my youngest brother. and most of you knows that he is indeed adorable, witty, outspoken, naughty, whimsical and a pain in the butt. haha. bertuah bertuah... sometimes i do think that  he is too mature for a kid in his age. heheeeee

idk where does he gets the idea of the so-called list of his favorite chefs.just so you know,  the so-called list keeps on being updated!! like a song chart you usually hear on the radio during weekends. it was like one day you were the third most favorite and the next day your out of the chart. he came out with the idea of this chart a few weeks ago. the rank was originally like this

1. umi
2. tok
3. mak cu
4. cik atun (his pengasuh)
5. kak long(me)
6. umi (tukang masak dekat sekolah dia)

but since mak cu successfully convinced him that it was tok who teaches umi all those recipe, umi's rank dropped to the second place. hehe. and he recently informed us that tok's position in the chart will never be diganggu gugat sebab tok masak paling best. my umi did try to convince him to change back the position but it was a major failure!! "tok punya nombor je yang takkan berubah, orang lain boleh" kata irfan. there was one time when i cooked a chicken porridge (a fortnight ago i think), and my rank escalated dramatically! sabar je lahh

1. tok
2. umi
3. kak long (me)
4. cik atun (his pengasuh) and  umi (tukang masak dekat sekolah dia)
5. mak cu

sekali kalau dia puji certain masakan tu memang hyperbola berapi la. melambung lambung habis. boleh kembang tak kuncup kuncup. tapi kalau tang tak kena dengan selera dia boleh kalah gordon ramsay dia kritik. it has been quite some time since i asked him about this list.  the last time i checked i was ranked seventh. heh. macam macam betul. there was time when he uses other grading system. back before the rank was created, he gave us 'bintang' like what our kindergarden teacher used to give us. jangan main main, my highest number of bintang sampai ratus ratus je. tapi kalau tok and umi sampai infinity. sabao je la. bila tanya infinity tu banyak mana, dia kata banyak ahhhh. berjuta juta juta juta juta jutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

as of today, idk what rank i'm in. tapi apa apa je la. but bak kata heidi klum in project runway "one day your in, next day your out". sooooooooooo... that's all

see ya real soon

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