Tuesday, 3 June 2014

current obsession:GoT

i've been caught up with game of throne this past few weeks. seriously maan, the show is fricking awesome!! never felt this way with any previous tv shows. GoT is amazinggggggg!! it has been quite some time since the show was aired on HBO but i wasn't interested in it at first. i got no HBO channel in my home. so leceh laa sikit. and student-life  is time consuming kan? idk why, tapi the feeling that i have to watch this show has been lurking me for the past few months. it's like "kau kena tengok citer ni zaf" i kept chanting this to me self. since now i've got plenty of time, apa lagi...  adventure time in westeros!!

at first i was lost. seriously, they introduced to many characters in one freaking episode. i'm like how-am-i -going-to-recognise-each-and-everyone-of-them. ramai tho!! and i was still contemplating the fact"kenapa ramai orang cakap citer ni best??". macam dokumentari sejarah pung ada!! tapi the show kinda grows into me . serious!! in the first season pun dah macam macam dah jadi. haha. addictive gilos!! there'll be cliffhangers in almost every episode and it got me like this

an episode takes about 50 somethinng-ish minutes and i watched 5 episode per day. marathon habis habisan dari last week. dasyat kut. every season finale show ni memang mind-blowing le. tips for surviving watching GoT, don't  get  yourself attached to any of the characters in the show because at some point they freakin die!!! time tengok season awal awal dulu memang tak tahu nak expect apa dari citer ni . sekali, haaaaa hambik kau!! one of my favourite was chopped.and  i was caught of guard. huhu. banjir besar terus! tapi sekarang ni, i'm neutral. i don't pledge me self to any of the houses, lords and ladies. but sometimes i do wish i could be arya stark for a day. i'm thinking of reading the books tapi macam complicated je. haihhh, we'll see...

that's all, winter is comin

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