Tuesday, 6 December 2011

breaking dawn : exclusive review by zafirah jamal

first and foremost, i would like to thank norlaily bt osman a.k.a mak cu for the not so great trip... haha... just joking. i do mean that it was one of the most awesome trip ever as i, zafirah jamal went to three different states for three different day... fuhhhhh..... i'm extremely exhausted by the time i reach LOT 22576, though i'm not the one who's driving. 

okay, back to the topic, the last day or i suppose the last night i'm staying with mak cu, she brought us ( izzat menyibuk ikut jadi bodyguard aku) to cineplex at e@curve. wohohohoh....sampai2 KL dalam pukul 8 lebih, solat then zoom off to damansara. what next?! BREAKING DAWN babeyh!!!!!! the most anticipated movie of ZAFIRAH JAMAL. haha, dream come true i suppose. dapat gak tengok . 

the movie was WOHOHOHOHOHOH..... i'm awed....  the wedding scene was beautifully filmed....siapa tak nak wedding macam ni kan?!

mr. and mrs cullen

as for the honeymoon part, i was quite pissed off since there were few scene that had been cut off. nevermind then.  bloody hell, isle esme was almost heaven. rumah yang mr and mrs cullen stay for their honeymoon, tak boleh bla....


hmmmm..... out of words.. hehe

aku malas nak story mory bab bella's pregnant. gruesome habiss kut, lagi-lagi time die kene minum bloody red blood dengan straw and part bella gave birth. come on, just forget bout that!!

inanutshell, i heart breaking dawn. but tak la sampai tahap TWIHARDS lagi kut... huhu


  1. amboi amboi...sudah pandai review nampak...hahaha...still the make us dreamin'...the wedding dress wore by Bella is absolutely Gorgeous, don't you think so?...^_^

    anyway please don't say you tiredlah...I'm the one who still fet tired until now..and hey not 3 states actually four or five, just calculate from pahang-to selangor to Perak to Penang to Kuala Lumpur to Selangor then back to Pahang. hehehe..if i'm not mistaken kind like you re crossing 5 states my dear for 4 Days and 3 Nights...

  2. haha... you're definitely right!! btw, next time, do bring me again ya!! i'm free for 9 months after spm