Saturday, 10 December 2011

are you a NEGAHOLIC??

i just read cleo disember issue and i was attracted to this

i guess many of you rarely heard of negaholic or  let me explain it

What is Negaholism?

Negaholism is a condition that is sweeping the globe. Negaholism is a syndrome in which people unconsciously limit their own innate abilities, convince themselves that they can’t have what they want, and sabotage their wishes, desires, and dreams. Negaholism manifests itself daily in the lives of normal people. Self-imposed limitations on happiness, joy, and fulfillment contaminate the consciousness of the majority of the population in subtle ways. The beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that keep us restricted, constrained, and curtailed have reached epidemic proportions.
When you read the book, Negaholism, you will recognize people you know who are victims of Negaholism. You will also see ways our of the Negaholic trap. Using the tools and techniques described in this book will enable you to change old patterns and embark on a whole new way of life. (taken from 

Why Is the Syndrome Called “Negaholic?”

Nega = negative, holic = one who is addicted to something. A negaholic is one who is addicted to negativity. Negare is a Latin root meaning to deny. The “I can’ts” are denying that the “I cans” are right. Denying means that the “I can’ts” refuse to accept the fact that the “I cans” are capable, competent, able to give you what you want. The “I can’ts” deny that the “I cans” are worthy, loveable, and deserving. A negaholic is one who is victimized by inner forces that are waging a war of self-negation with attitudes, thoughts, words, or behavior. These forces are keeping you trapped in a private dungeon with graffiti all over the walls that say: “You can’t be it. You can’t do it. You can’t have it. So forget it!” The “I can’t” self laughs and says “I told you so” when you prove its prophecies right.(taken from

lately, i'd realised that some of my friends were..... idk...should i i call 'suffering' from this syndrome so i'd think it'll be helpful.

ARE YOU A NEGAHOLIC?? well ask yourself then.....

1. do you dwell on things that don't work out for you?
2. do you often expect the worst so as not to be disapointed?
3. when asked what do you want, do you often reply "it does't matter"? you use past mistakes and mishaps as reasons for not taking new risks?
5. when imagining a goal, does a voice in your head tell you that you can't accomplish it?
6. do you find fault even with the little things you do?
7. do you critisise for what you wear, how you behave?
8. do you flog yourself with lists 0f things you haven't accomplished?
9. do you have difficultyaccepting compliments or celebrating achievements?
10. looking in the mirror, are you unhappy with what you see?

*till we meet again and salam....

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