Sunday, 6 November 2011

what can i say.....

hmmmm....... ohemgee... sudah hampir ..... unfortunately, i can't recall when was the last time time i posted. what can i say.... technically, my life is being like..... quite hectic lately. not to mention all the freaking, fucking important stuff i got to deal with. forget bout that. now, yeah right know, i've been working my ass off trying to figure out like why i do, stalk that arrogant + selfish whatsocalled lad. he never ever care or whateva bout others.  go die man!! muahaha.... feel like kicking his ass, if i manage to meet him.... hmmmmm, i do try to avoid myself from being that stupid-old-fourteen-year-old-girl  i used to be few years back. but then, sometimes, it do happen accidentally. just so you know, i do share this problem with my friends, well, i didn't really help. plus, they were not in my shoes.

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