Monday, 7 November 2011

must read romantic novel.... WHITNEY, MY LOVE

      so far, i think this is the best romantic novel ever. i repeat, EVER. one of e x-factors is that, it has great dialogue. muchmuchmuch great dialogue!!  what can i say, the hero which was Clayton westmoreland, a.k.a as Duke of claymore was such a devil. hahahah... sumpah, memang best giler. okay, let see... i've been longing to  read it before i finished my finals.
      hahuha... dapat pun akhirnya... the truth is, i could not find words to describe it. memang hardcore kut. mula-mula geram kat clayton then, rasa macam dia ni memang tak menahan. my god, the way he act, talk and whatsoever is extremely admirable since, my heart melt like a vanilla  ice cream ( is it true?!)
     forget bout that, tapi this story is/was the ULTIMATE LOVE STORY for this century!! (think so) . manakan tidak, my whole female family had read it since the early nineties. daripada che ngah sampai aku, MOI!! i mean like,who would have guess?! it's worth reading it. here's the cover. by the way, i utterly suggest you guys to read it.

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