Friday, 12 August 2011

it is not what it seems to be...


           hahaha... gaya excited semacam... ouh kay, probably tak sangat kut. sumpah there's so much to write. hell yeah, my brain keeps cursing all sorts of crap. hmmm... last monday, i found out that my darling had lost dalam jagaan dia/mereka. to be truth, i don't wanna blame her. i don't even blame her. honestly, i can't be mad at her since she's my sister. sumpah, aku tak marah pun. but actually, i can't deny that i'm a bit frustrated since my darling was missing. infact, i do have to admit that it was undeniably true that aku memang terkilan la jugak. tapi nak buat macamana, benda nak hilang. just so you know, yang aku senyap tiba-tiba tu sebab .... i need time nak fikir pasal future questions that need to be answered if my mom found out. and please.... don't make any stupid assumptions ya?! trust me, our kacipship is still on e right track. it's just the fact that i do need time. next time, if we do bump into each other just pretend that this incident didn't even happened at all. just get rid the memory of this. persis madah miss ann "do i made myself clear". let start something new, okay??

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