Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sabah 2014- Part 2

next, we went to desa cattle in Kundasang. acah acah macam pergi new zealand you olls. 

lalang detected!

ni posing hero malaya beb! 


after desa cattle we went to the famous kinabalu park. the weather was quite rainy and foggy by the time we arrived . but thankfully, the rain and fogginess resided and we could finally see the stunning outlook.  

you can clearly see the difference in this little monkey's expression in the pictures below. apa ni dik oii jalan sikit dah penat!

the death stare... if looks could kill i'd long be gone.

we went to tamparuli after kinabalu park. there, we visited the rumah terbalik and of course the famous jambatan tamparuli

i left you guys this picture of asang jet jet katang

that's all. 
part 3 is coming soon!!

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