Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sabah 2014-Part 1

hey guys, what up? 

so in this post i would like to share my memories visiting kota kinabalu with you guys. since words can never explain the joy of makan angin with my family, let's see some pictures

muka excited irfan first time naik flight

we had arrived

it was raining on our way to Kundasang

woke up to witness the breathtaking view  of mount kinabalu

the big black ikan kelahs in scary as f. am not gonna dip ma feet in the water cause they gonna suck and bite ya feet till it came off. 
*this is nonsense


and off to poring hot spring park 

budak kecik main air

iolls canopy walking

Subhanallah, indahnya ciptaan Tuhan...

stunning stunning vista

so this is end of part one, there will be more pictures to come.
till then,
zaf x

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