Thursday, 3 January 2013

-confession of a directioner-

salam, hello!

haha, during the new years eve, i zafirah jamal keep listening to 'little things' by one direction repeatedly. awww... the lyrics was so sincere. i'm touched. full stop. before this, i never considered myself as a directioner a until i got a dream. an absurd one. i can assure that. =,)

once upon a dream there is zafirah, she woke up one morning and had this akward feeling like why-do-zayn-niall-harry-louis-and-liam were sleeping in her grandma house? this is surreal. but then, a girl in this era would never refuse 1D !! expect the unexpected. what next??!! we(me + 1D) nampak sangat karutnya,-  mingle ah.  tengah-tengah ber'mingle' umi woke me up. pooooff!!-and they lived happily ever after. haha

and now, i finally realize that 1D is so talented. damn cute. incomparably adorable. lethally sexy. hiperbola sungguh. hahah. i have to admit that, i couldn't stop smiling listening to 'little things'.

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