Monday, 31 December 2012

i'm 'paradised'

this is the book cover ...

as the NO.1 fan of judith mcnaught, i've read paradise for...... i can't recall for how many times. the chemistry between the two main characters, matthew farrell and meredith bancroft was phenomenal. the truth is, no words could describe the joy of reading PARADISE. you have to discover it by yourself!! by the way, i have to admit the fact that, i've been seduce by this fictional matthew farrell. bahaha....

and these are several quotes from the book.

"You cannot outwit fate by placing little sidebets on the outcome of life. It's either you wade in and play in order to win or you don't play at all." - Matthew Farrell" 
— Judith McNaught (Paradise)

"How do you expect to keep our seeing each other a secret? You've been all over the news here for years. People will recognize you wherever you go."

"I won't be recognized, but you will. You're America's corporate sex symbol; you're the one whose motto is "If it moves, take it to bed."

Matt and Meredith"
— Judith McNaught (Paradise)

"Matt: I know you can cook.
Meredith: What makes you so sure?
Matt: Because less than an hour ago, you set me on fire."
— Judith McNaught (Paradise 

introducing matt bomer
haha, and this is my imaginary matt farrell 

sadly.... he's gay 

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