Friday, 7 December 2012


hey ho....
like it or not, school was finally over. OVER. for the past three months, i haven't made any entry. berhempas pulas nak SPM punya pasal. hasilnya..... tengok la march 2013 nanti. maan...i miss my friends. devastatingly. teramat sangat. tahap dewa dah kut. since i live in chenor, the chances to get to meet them was undeniably difficult. 

well, i have to say that, it's hard to not see each other faces when for the past five years you've been spending time with them, growing up together, eating together, studying together, laughing together, shower-talking together - aww, i miss shower-talking with izyan and syikin. it's hard maaann... it's hard.  

truth be told, the last day that my classmates and i spent at megamall was totally awesome. i wouldn't trade it for anything. haha... lawak lah time main bowling sama-sama. yang paling tak boleh bla when we have to say goodbye and went our seperate ways. at first, i manage to prevent myself from crying. but when it comes to qistina, izyan and etc etc, i cried. memang tak boleh nak tahan langsung. sikit pun tak mampu. they're like the  greatest friend i could ever had.
all in all, the greatest lesson that i learn in my senior year was that, there's a silver lining in each cloud. no matter how hard things could be, you just have to believe that you can overcome it.

from left: izyan, syikin and me

in happier times...

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