Tuesday, 26 June 2012

ke kanan lurus!

haha, the truth is, syikin inspired me to write this entry. last weekends as what was well-informed, shah held the 23rd KOT. i participated in kawad kaki representing murad. try cari aku kat line mana...

wah, sungguh awesome team kawad murad 

ceh budak berdua ni.....
nampak tak muka excited terlebih siapa??!! nampak tak??!

menang pun, yayyyy babeyh!!!

haha, after not so strict practice we manage to get the 2nd place. job well done muradian!! though murad didn't become the champion for the 23rd KOT, we did won somehow. boleh tahan banyak hamper kitorang dapat. it's not the fact of being a champion makes you win something, it's the extraordinary feeling you experience together with your house supporting each other make you feel like a winner!! haha...pelik semacam quote aku. le conclusion, murad did win KOT dengan gaya tersendiri... huhu

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