Friday, 1 June 2012


well, how should i start this....

few had known that i'd had a crush on this person since.... since when haa?! i can't recall that, haha, i'd made a few attempt to try to start a conversation only to turn out with not so positive results. i'd guessed he's not the type yang give much attention to girls as he's a brainy . tak ke bagus tuh? concentrate on study kan?! benda-benda mengarut put aside dulu. fyi, he had been offered to further his study in vanderbilt university in nashville,tennesee thus he'll be flying there in the 20th of june!! how overwhelming is that?! haha, what a great outcome after burning the midnight oil  and studying in the previous year.

just so you know, he'll be studying engineering for 4 years in vanderbilt. whoahaha... lama jugak kan?! e conclusion, the end TF. 

so long and farewell then TH. 
do have a goodday in life
and i make sure to keep my distance... 

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