Saturday, 23 July 2011

why on earth did this happened?!

 well then, mende ni dah agak lama but still aku nk tulis gak...

   basically, i'm just a typical 16 yrs old girl who nvr had a ..........-since i'm not relly interested in those kinda thing. okay, ade satu malam ni, time tuh aku tgh bz dgn banner punye practise kt skola, blk tuh izyan khatim ckp die ade s'thing yg nk kasi tau kat aku. well then, since we're like bestie, pe lagi, i lend my ears jela to hear bout her story.... hmmmmm..... much ,much undescribable actually. nevermind, i tried to put those in words.

  ouhkay, to be truth, we've been stalking that particular person. aku stalk kering2 je, tapi since dah stalk there's always ade "akward feeling" when izyan told me that he had a crush on our other classmate not to mention that she's a little better-looking than both of us! well fine then, i didn't even care bout that, but seeing my bestie cried, it hurts maann.... (hehehe...i cried to) tapi it's not because of that particular person. let me ask you s'thing : does outer appearances count in liking s'body??- haha macam aku stalk mamat nerd kat skola tu je. lately, from my own experiences mmg ye pun!! undeniably true!! SAHIH!!

  just so you know, he, yup, he keeps treating every girl in the most polite way like most gents did, but why on earth does he has to be like that?? ke tu mmg die punye fitrah, aku pun x tau la. so, both of us assume yg die layan girls ni same rata. tapi mmg 100% our perpsective is wrong!! tak pe la...

- asal la aku x pena jumpe guy like seth tan haa?? maybe he's just to good to be truth kut....
-syikin bakri, you're SETH  is nothing compared to e real SETH....muahaha....jgn mara