Wednesday, 6 July 2011

KESUMA..... here we come!!

my god-(gaye husna dzeidee )

next week is e kesuma, wth?! i'm definitely unprepared 4 that. it's massive u know. from what i've noticed on e previous yr, us, muradian done a tremendous effort to grab e title. and in order to win it, us f4, kene berkongkalikung habis kut. just so you know, i wanna win. what's e point of participating an event if we loose, right?! last yr murad made it, this yr, insyaAllah kesinambungan akan diteruskan!! fyi, i, zafirah jamal, tgh kucar habes  thinking of HATEAS since i'm e biro kcriaan yg out of  idea!! hidup M12!!

so, i'll see you soon then...

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