Wednesday, 1 June 2011

is it a crime.... don't think so!!(^_^)

 fyi, tahun ni da masuk tahun yg ke-3 aku stalk that guy. hell yeah... much2 insane. seriously, i don't really when did i started doing this kind of crap. cehh, mule2 aku ingatkan ni kerje time kecik2 aka lower form je dulu. but eventually tak!! in my 2011 resolution aku ade cakap yg this type of thing kene off kan memory nye. for the first few months it worked out. but bile smpai bulan april, FAILED!!!  MAJOR FAILURE!!!

benda ni mule time f2, yeah bodoh lg time tu. awl thn... entah macam mana tiba boley ade crush. since that day, i started sort of, stalking him. huhuhu... my bestie knows everything bout it. aku stalk that guy for one whole year, nasib baikk thn tu senior year die, meaning he's getting out of the school. eventually, bila die da keluar, i still stalk that guy until now!!! ya now!! at this very moment, i didn't really care if he knows about it or not. let it be like that.

aku pernah je plan strategy namely " plan for moi to get rid mr. tut2 completely" but memang failed. so i am determined to just keep continuing what i have been doing for the past three years until...... -don't know yet!!(maybe for the next 5 years) insane la zaff!! kau ni!!

btw, i managed to be his reporter !! haha-x de kerje kot?!


  1. ahahahahaha....let it be like that!! lgpun die x active blogging ni sgt. chance utk die bkk 0.00000001% je

  2. my dear make sure you set the comment from others you approve first..its better...protect from spam..enjoy your life as a blogger, train youself to be a good writer..and explore others senior blogger k you'll be amaze, promise u....i tell u it much more addictive than facebook...^_^...