Monday, 30 May 2011

rythm of life

does it have to this dis hard, living in this time. it is undeniably true that life is getting harder day by day as years past. now, i freakin missing ma friends. hell yea, i have to admit it. they play important rule in ma life. HUSNA DZEIDEE, SYIKIN,  and IZYAN2, you guys make me alive!! spending time at home is freakin boring. i'm bored to death. no one to talk to, just moi, ya moi!! btw, h/w yang bertimbun ni x tau la bile boleh siap, rase cam da berkurun da mengadap handout chemistry ni, tp x siap2 lagi. (homework zafirah jamal a.k.a A NEVER ENDING TALE) x tau na bile na siap nye. dh lah every holiday my h/w never finished. luckly, for this time i'll not be in the school for the first week. but the intense of KOT n KESUMA da start! wtf, i'm so unready for that @#$* .


  1. miss you too ehhh!!!! =(
    BTW, cant wait for KESUMA. Muradians kasi gegar SHAH ehhh

  2. ohohoh... best of luch for us!!