Saturday, 28 May 2011


for god sake, this is the 3rd time i'm creating a new blog ( ni sume psl x igt cane nk bkk yg dulu) sengal. cpatnye mase b'lalu, i actually dunnow what to write on this post but let me tell you bout my kinda routine lately. every night, yup, almost every night moi n my "mengeteh" gang which are HUSNA, SYIKIN, IZYAN, MOKK had a tea party at m09. konon2 nk study smbil mnum teh, last2 hmpeh, hbis mnum teh p naek katil blake...ish3. we did this every nite during mid yr exam. ngarot2, tp best!! so almost everyone cop muke ktorg ni kuat ngeteh!! haha... fyi, nowadays, i sort of being a bit , yeah just a bit lazy in doing h/w. wtf, zaf?! one thing is for sure,  now is "zaman keruntuhan empayar zafirah jamal" cuz this girl never use to be like this b4. maybe, i accidently let it happen. what can i do i've fallen to the VALLEY OF DOOM!!! ade h/m ke x de aq wat x kesah!! hehe... i know i was wrong but i didn't try to fix it, and that's moi prob...

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