Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sabah 2014-Part 3

well well, hello december!!

my social and academic life has been haywire for past few weeks. hence, i couldn't find an appropriate time to upload the final pictures from my trip to kota kinabalu. 

so here it is the final part of my sabah trip written at 3 in the morning


the crystal clear blue water is exceptionally breath-taking.

to me, sabah is a place where you can easily fall in love with. i can never ever get tired of sight-seeing in sabah, the view is spectacular i tell ya! even the air you breathe is some what fresher and cleaner than in semenanjung. kl-pj especially. heh. maannnn, if i knew about the beauty of sabah earlier, i'd probably apply my bachelor studies at any alma mater in sabah. seriously! 

i can't wait to come back here and explore more things sabah has to offer like mount kinabalu. hopefully

see ya soon!!

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