Friday, 12 September 2014

MHS 14/15

hi there!!

i'm back in ma hometown yaww after spending two rough weeks being a freshman in universiti malaya. tell you what,  the experience was priceless. in this post i'm gonna share with you guys a glimpse of  the orientation week aka MHS(minggu haluan siswa)

zasssss. the activities started just right after you registered and get your stuffs into your room. as usual, we did all the ice-breaking thingy with our new group members and PMs (pemudahcara mahasiswa). the pm taught us our residential college cheers and off we went to DTC on the next day.

this is DTC, the place where it all happens. you will start and finish here. if you manage to graduate lah. 

the inside view from the right wing.

it is a compulsory for us freshies to do the cheers to mark our presence in the hall. my, the spirit and booming voice could easily knock down DTC. i'm joking. to hear other college cheers' was such a thrilling experience. allies and rivals were created during the cheering competition. everyone compete bagai nak rak. and the end of the week, most of us had sore throat and lost our voices. haha. 

here's a  snippet of the second residential college cheers

this is during malam intergrasi

the MHS official kit

prior to the session with the minister of  communication and multimedia


that night, they invited few of the varsity alumni to give a short talk. guess what?! they managed to bring Dr Faiz Khaled and Paknil!!! my, paknil is such a gem. he told us few of his colorful memories during his days in campus. btw, i was surprised to find out that paknil have a degree in economics. fuhh. hebat, hebat!! 

epic jump fail

orang lain elok beratur dalam line, we olls syok posing snap gambar, 
*pastu kena jeling dengan pm. hehe

spot the difference. please!!

once a supporter always a supporter

so here's my summarization of MHS. hope you guys enjoy. till then

zaf x

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