Sunday, 12 January 2014

now i've a solid reason to support MU

Adnan Januzaj

pffffffffffffft.  the title does sounds ridiculous though. ada ke patut?! idk what has got into me. looks like i've been charmed by this belgian-born footballer.

it all started when i flipped the newspaper today, and i saw him(his picture to be exact). my mouth went dry. bla lah kau zaf, ayat nak novel! i just can't. he's super cute. athletically build . plus, he's a muslim. and to add the cherry on top, he's a football player . a Manchester United football player. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he's the same age as me!! how cool is that?!

well i suppose now i've  to support ManU since my pujaan hati will be playing.*barf
boleh laa slow slow hint dekat umi and engku aku dah jumpa calon.
the heck?!
ok. lupakan.


*pictures-courtesy of google

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