Friday, 12 May 2017




felt like i was in cloud 9 after our last meeting.

omg zafirah...

please i beg you to get a good grip on yourself. entahlah. this sort of feeling is total nonsense. i never sign up for this but it happened. entahlah. macam mana and bila boleh terjebak. i tried my best to act nonchalant cause it will be sooo embarrassing kalau kantoi! hahahah

tbh i clearly don't have time to deal with this kind of feel. sebabnya ending selalu mengecewakan. lol. but the thing is, nak deny or avoid pun takde function cause it's there. dah banyak kali cuba buat but tak berjaya. gahhhhh, i'm such a hopeless romantic. pleasee lahh i beg you to put aside all this feeling cause it sure will distract you. you need to focus on what's important!

hmmmm, entahlah i don't know how did i manage to fall for him. it comes naturally and effortlessly. sumpah i rasa hopeless gila. nak kata i dapat special treatment ke apa rasanya takpun. but everytime i see him, i felt there's so many things left unsaid. tapi takkan lah i nak confess my feelings. dasyat sangat tu! memang cari pasal lah! mengarutnya. haha.

tapi dari dulu lagi memang karut je semua ni. i will eventually move on. cuma either move on phase tu cepat or lambat je la. hahah. even crush zaman sekolah dulu pun take time nak move on. i bet after all of this end, i can happily continue with my normal life.

sudahlah lah tu zafirah, pergi sambung settlekan kerja


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